stunt education Apr 30, 2022

Introducing, Stunt & Action Filmmaking Courses

There are many film schools and online classes, teachings or courses regarding “Movie Making” or “Filmmaking,” but with the top 9/10 grossing movies of all time being Action Films (Titanic has action, but…), it is surprising no one really teaches the ‘Action’ side of this craft ? 

…well, until now!

A new, online platform for Action Movie Makers, Stunt Professionals, Cirque Performers (making the transition into film & television), and anyone else who finds interest in Movie Action / Stunts, has just launched! Members may now login, ask questions to Stunt Coordinators & Real Action Directors, watch videos from Stunt Master Educators, enjoy LIVE Stunt Masterclasses Monthly and begin cutting their learning curve

All Stunt Educators teaching on this platform are well established, proved and respected WORKING action professionals in Film & Television.  

Unlike many film schools out there, charging $25k per year, where the teachers have barely made a film themselves, StuntEducation.com is taught by Real Action Filmmakers who you’ve seen in blockbuster films… and Emmy Award Winning television. 

Not bashing Film Schools, as they’re still great, of course, but StuntEducation.com and the coming, Armstrong Action Academy Curriculum, should both certainly be an addendum to your learning or career education, at the very least! Not to mention , for only $9.00, to $37.00 a month for monthly teachings & group coaching form STUNT MASTERS, its a NO-BRAINER for any filmmaker or stunt professional, in our opinion… (just being real, as most of us spend more than that on shoes). 
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Stunt Education has 3 Years of content already drafted for per-production too, with much already in post-production, with well over a 100+ Videos in our “Basic Knowledge Series” ready for your viewing pleasure, taught by Stunt Master Coordinator & Action Director, Andy Armstrong (The Amazing Spiderman, Thor, Stargate, The Green Hornet and founder of the Armstrong Action Academy) and Emmy Award Winner, Jim Vickers (Scorpion, Grey’s Anatomy, Legion, Training Day, 9–1–1: Lone Start and founder of Action Aspect). This series is ongoing and is updated with new content, monthly! 

We also have Emmy Award Winner, Jeff Wolfe in our queue too!

Look, its simple. If you’re looking for amazing value and are interested in the Action Filmmaking side of movie making industry, let alone if you’re a Stunt Professional in Film &Television; ongoing Stunt Education is crucial to cutting your learning curve and avoiding the many mistakes our teachers have made in the past. 

Instead, change your career trajectory and take this great opportunity to download and begin learning these pro tips, tricks, stunt hacks and action movie making guidelines so your career can be a better, well rounded, more streamlined one.



Gain Access to 30+ Videos from Andy Armstrong as we took bits and pieces from his Webinar and created a 'General Information' Mini Course!


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